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Q: Do my coupons expire after the expiration date?

A: No! Your coupons never expire. They carry over from year to year.

Q: If I registered two years ago and I haven't been here since, am I still in the computer?

A: Yes, we keep records in the computer from 10 years ago.

Q: I have more than 10000c. in my account, why I'm not a Bronze member?

A: Because you have to win 10000c., but they have to be within one year. For the last one year your winnings are less that 10000c., but because you had coupons in your balance that carry over from previous years, that's why you have more than 10000c., but you are not a Bronze member.

Q: Can I renew my card now, because I'm not going to be here on the expiration date?

A: We can not renew your account prior to the expiration date, but you don't have to worry that you're not going to be here because the computer renews your account automatically. So just the next time you're in Gateway 26 come to the VIP Services and we will update your card.