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Gateway Gold Slots

This game is our very own custom-built modern day slot machine. This machine is very unique to us because it possesses 3 separate progressive jackpots, which accumulate to enormous amounts! It also has great bonus features like when the “triple sevens symbol” appears on one of the reels an attendant will come over and give you the infamous “20 Extra Coupons”. There’s also the bonus spin wheel, which you can give a spin if its symbol appears. Now this game along with another one of Gateway’s custom builds, the V.I.P. Slot machines, are the only games on the East Coast with credit playback capability. Which means you can play your winnings back into the machine if you choose to do so, to enjoy more time playing and winning. Did we mention that each reel contains a wild symbol, which makes it incredibly effortless to win big on these slots. Now finally the most amazing thing about these machines is that they are the only slot machines anywhere’s that were built for playing slot tournaments. These fun and competitive tournaments are suitable for all ages. Did we mention that they are free? We invented this competition ourselves and you won’t see it anywhere else. You can find more about our slot tournaments at our Poker and Slot Tournaments page.