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Poker Tournaments

People come from all over the world to get on in one of our poker tournaments. We run several different types of tournaments daily about every 15 minutes. Our standard tournament is the legendary “3 of a kind poker tournament”. It’s played like this: like all of our tournaments it’s a competition between the player and every other player participating. Sometimes a small group of 5 and even at times up to 85 players at once competes to get the big prize. In a “3 of a kind tournament” the idea is to play as fast as you can and you want to get the most 3 of a kinds in that set period of time. The machine has a meter that counts up all your 3 of a kind’s during the tournament. When the tournament is over our attendants go around and award 5 coupons for each 3 of a kind that the players possesses, this way every one wins something. We also seek out who has the most and they are the winner of the tournament so they will receive a big bonus check of coupons or a great prize like a big screen T.V., an I-Pod, a bike, or even a real working slot machine. The winner also receives that special Golden V.I.P. Drawing ticket, which is for several private drawings at the end of the summer season on Labor Day weekend. We also run “one pair” tournaments. The idea is the same but with pairs. Just guess how much extra you can win by getting the easiest hand in the game. Sometimes we will run “Combination tournaments” where we count up a few different winning hands usually 3 of a kind, straights, flush, and full houses. We also run races usually a four of a kind race where the first player to be dealt 3 four of a kinds wins. It doesn’t take much to win a tournament in fact we have winners at all ages even a player as young as 7 years old repeatedly beat all the adults. So again this is a fun competition for all ages.