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Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot, which is built up by the number of plays on the machine or on a large group of machines. Usually you have to play the max bet to win these. For example, our video poker machines possess 3 progressive jackpots that continue to grow bigger and bigger until they have been hit. The biggest of the 3 Progressives on video poker would be the 5 of a kind jackpot that would be the highest hand in poker. Next in line would be The Royal Flush Jackpot, which is usually in close pace with the 5 of a kind if not bigger, and then there is the Straight Flush Jackpot, which players will often hit multiple times in one sitting. Due to the fact that progressives reset once they are hit we have 3 different groups of video poker with 3 different progressive jackpots totaling to 9 separate jackpots. This way there’s always a big one to play for. Another set of big progressive jackpots are on our Gateway Gold Slots that also posses 3 separate progressives which also add up to colossal amounts. We also have several other machines that have progressives personal to that machine. Also whenever a player hits a jackpot as a bonus they also receive that Golden V.I.P. Drawing ticket for Labor Day Weekend. No other place on the Boardwalk has as many different and as high paying progressives jackpots then Gateway 26!!