Bronze Club

Rewards For getting to this Club:

10% off all prices and $20 in freeplay

Bronze Club is the first milestone where customers are rewarded for obtaining a large number of loyalty points. If you accumulate 10,000 coupons from Loyalty Points within a single year, the computer automatically escalates you from regular level to bronze level. From that point you start receiving a 10% discount on all the merchandise in the store. It’s different from your balance. You don’t need to keep your coupons in your account, you can spend them for merchandise and that’s not going to affect your loyalty points. Once you have become a Bronze member your membership is valid for a year. If you want to keep your status for one more year after the expiration date, you have to win another 10,000 coupons during the year. Or you can move up, the next level is Silver and you need to win 25,000 coupons throughout the year.