Silver Club

Rewards for getting to this Club:

15% off all prices and $50 in freeplay

Once you have accumulated 25,000 loyalty points within a year, the computer automatically moves you to the Silver club. You receive one more drawing ticket for the special VIP drawings Labor Day weekend and at the end of the season. One of the benefits of the Silver membership is the 15% discount on all the merchandise in the store. To stay in Silver Club you are required to obtain 25,000 loyalty points within a year. If you win less than 25,000 coupons, but more than 10,000 coupons, the computer will deescalate you to the Bronze club and your discount will drop to 10%. If you can not win 10,000 coupons, you’ll get deescalated to the regular club and lose your discount. You can go UP – the next level is Gold and you need 50000c. from winnings to reach it.